• Resolve to Be Fit in 2018

    by Nivedita Dempo

    The countdown has begun. It seems like it was just yesterday when I opened my fitness centre, Studio 101. On January 15, 2018, Studio 101 will complete seven…

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  • Survive the Holiday Season

    by Nivedita Dempo

    Waist management during the Holiday Season This year, when your social schedule begins to expand during the holidays, your waistline doesn’t have to.During the holiday season, most people…

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  • Exercise, Nutrition and Diabetes

    by Nivedita Dempo

    An alarmingly increasing number of Indians are being diagnosed with some type of diabetes, or high blood sugar. As we continue to consume too much food and

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Feeling Tired, But Don’t Know Why? Here Are 10 Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

Manage stress better: Bodies under stress pump out hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. High levels of these hormones promote the development of visceral fat or internal belly fat, Read More

Flax seed – A natural wonder

Flax seeds have been consumed for over a thousand years. They are gaining popularity again due to the various health benefits that they offer. These tiny seeds are a nutritional power house. Read More

Goa Bounty:
Beet Greens (Beta Vulgaris)

Beet leaves, commonly known as beet greens, are the tasty nutritious leafy part of beetroots and in fact have a higher nutritional value than the roots. Many people are unaware that the leaves are edible and that they make an excellent low calorie, nutrient-packed meal. Read More

Delightful Recipe :
Beet greens with masoor dal

Try this tasty and healthy recipe, it makes a great side dish for roti or chapati or rice.
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Fact or fiction?
Multi-vitamin and mineral pills substitute a balanced diet.

FICTION: A good dose of a multi-vitamin and mineral pill substitutes a balanced diet. FACT: Vitamin and mineral pills

Fact or fiction?
Eating late at night causes weight gain.

FICTION: Eating late at night causes weight gain. FACT: Weight gain happens when you consume more calories

Herb/Spice Highlight –

Commonly known in India as “Ajwain“. Also called Carom or Thyme seeds. HEALTH BENEFITS Ajwain or caraway

Exercise of the month –
Rear support with leg lift

Target Body part: Glutes and shoulders Equipment needed: None Step 1: Start in a reverse push up position with your fingers pointing toward your feet. Your torso and