Exercise feeds your brain

Ever feel like you could use a few more brain cells? Or wish you could do something to enrich and protect the ones you’ve got? You can — whether you’re 9 or 90 years old Read More

Smart Snacking

Healthy snacks are an important part of a balanced diet. Most nutritionists agree that one should snack between meals and recommend the same. The key to healthy snacking is wise food choices. Read More

Goa’s bounty: Ridge Gourd (Luffa acutangula)

Ridge gourd is a very popular vegetable. It is locally known as Gonsaale in Goa and Turai in some other parts of the India. It is a nutrition power house Read More

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Fact or Fiction?
Performing abdominal exercises gives you a flat stomach.

FICTION: Performing abdominal exercises will give you a flat stomach. FACT: People falsely believe that if they perform exercises for their abdominals,

Fact or Fiction?
Drinking lots of water makes you retain fluids

FICTION: Drinking lots of water makes you retain fluids FACT: Drinking lots of water will actually help if you are suffering from water retention. Water acts as a…

Spice Highlights
Mint Leaves (Pudina)

Commonly known in India as “Pudina“.   HEALTH BENEFITS Mint is one of the most versatile plants. It has a distinct aroma, pleasing flavour and cooling effect. It…

Exercise of the month –

Target Body Part: Abdominals Equipment Needed: Medicine ball & Stability ball   Step 1: Start with you back pressed firmly against the mat, the stability ball between