• Why we need to stop obsessing over the scale

    by Nivedita Dempo

    Despite consistently preaching the message that weight is not the gold standard of fitness, too many people and too many personal-training clients remain overly focused on the scale….

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  • Improve your heart health

    by Nivedita Dempo

    Did you know the average human heart beats over 1,00,000 times in just one day to keep your body supplied with oxygen and nutrients? But with cardiovascular disease…

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  • The Immeasurable benefits of Exercise

    by Nivedita Dempo

    A few weeks back, a regular reader of my column walked into my fitness centre looking for something more than the usual weight loss. She was looking for…

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Bright morning light can keep the kilos off

Here’s another strategy for managing your weight: get some bright morning light. A new Northwestern study reports the timing, intensity and duration of your light exposure during the day are linked to your weight. Read More

Goa’s bounty: Bimbli (Averrhoa bilimbi)

Averrhoa bilimbi, a close relative of the Carambola (star fruit) is a very common fruit in Goa and is locally known as Bimbli. The unripe fruit is crunchy and has a very sharp acidic sour taste. The bright green colour Read More

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Fact or fiction?
One must eat according to one’s blood type.

FICTION: One must eat according to one’s blood type. The blood type diet is a healthy way to eat and lose weight.

Fact or fiction?
If you are not sweating, you are not working hard.

FICTION: If you are not sweating, you are not working hard. FACT: That’s a myth.

Spice Highlight –

TURMERIC Commonly known in India as “Haldi“. HEALTH BENEFITS Turmeric, a yellow spice with a mellow flavour, is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine.

Exercise of the month –
Rear support with leg lift

Target Body part: Glutes and shoulders Equipment needed: None Step 1: Start in a reverse push up position with your fingers pointing toward your feet. Your torso and