Eating Healthy This Festive Season

With Christmas and New Year’s Day just around the corner everyone is usually on a weight reducing diet or slogging it out at the gym. The Christmas season is that time of the year, when you laze around, skip your exercise routine and just party. It is the hardest time to stick to a healthy diet routine when you are surrounded and tempted with all the sweets, cakes and Christmas treats. You usually give into temptation and end up indulging in all your furosemide side effects. sildenafil citrate. buy viagra online. cialis dosage. antibiotic augmentin. furosemide dosage.

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favourite foods, as a result of which all the efforts you have put into achieving your fitness goals end up being sabotaged.

Here are some tips to prevent those extra kilos that add up on the weighing scale:

  1. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits. The fibre will provide satiety and prevent you from overeating.
  2. Do not skip meals. Skipping meals in order to make up for all the sweets and pastries is certainly not going to help your weight. Missing meals will often lead to snacking on sweets, crisps and left over foods.
  3. It is important to eat a healthy breakfast with some fruit and protein. Cereal with low fat milk and fruit is a good option, so is a healthy smoothie. Consume a healthy snack every two to three hours. This ensures that you do not overeat at lunchtime or dinner.
  4. Opt for making homemade sweets, as you can make them a little healthy. Try using a smaller portion of ghee or oil, or using low fat milk, whole-wheat flour and less sugar.
  5. Try not to over indulge in sweets. Have smaller portions and avoid going for second helpings.
  6. Parties during the festive season seem unavoidable and one needs to plan ahead of time. Do not go to a party hungry. If you are going out for dinner, have a high fibre, low calorie breakfast and lots of salads and fruits for lunch and as snacks. For dinner fill up on the healthier low calorie food options and then go in for small portions of the fatty stuff.
  7. While eating out at a restaurant, select healthier options from the menu. Opt for foods that are grilled, roasted or baked. Avoid the high fat sauces. Start your meals with a generous helping of salad without the high calorie salad dressings. For dessert start with a fresh fruit salad before you tuck into the Christmas puddings. Do not forget to keep a check on portion size.
  8. Keep a check on alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol intake, besides having high calorie content also lowers your inhibition, which means you won’t be watching what you eat. It is also important to keep a check on other non-alcoholic high calorie beverages.
  9. Drink plenty of water.
  10. Make time for exercise. Regular exercise will help maintain your weight. Include family and friends in fun activities like walking, swimming or any other sport.
  11. It is also important to get sufficient sleep.
  12. Monitor your weight, so that you can detect small weight gains, before they become even larger.
  13. Festivals like this come once a year, so enjoy what you eat.

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