Goa’s bounty: Ridge Gourd (Luffa acutangula)

Ridge gourd is a very popular vegetable. It is locally known as Gonsaale in Goa and Turai in some other parts of the India. It is a nutrition power house and is abundant in dietary fibre, beta carotene, vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, zinc, iron and magnesium.

This low calorie nutritious vegetable with its high water and dietary fibre content is ideal for weight loss, and it also provides satiety.

Including ridge gourd in the daily diet offers many health benefits.

It has blood purifying properties and helps boost liver health. The juice of this vegetable is a natural remedy for jaundice. It also acts as an antidote for alcohol intoxication.

Ridge gourd is beneficial for diabetes. It contains insulin like peptides which help decrease blood sugar levels. This vegetable also has laxative properties, the cellulose present in ridge gourd helps in treating constipation and piles. Ridge gourd is good for eye sight, due to its beta carotene content.

A glass of ridge gourd juice mixed with other healthy vegetables in the morning can strengthen the immune system against infection.

Ridge gourd it is also helpful in treating acidity as well as ulcers. Due to its blood purifying properties it is excellent for the skin and helps clear acne prone skin.

This gourd is also known to have cooling properties. It can be cooked as a vegetable, added to sambhar or other gravies, stuffed with different types of fillings, added to soups and stews as well as stir fries. It can also be cooked with dal, lentils or shrimp.

So make sure you include this tasty vegetable in your diet and reap all the health benefits it has to offer.

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