Spice highlight –
Dried fenugreek leaves

Locally known as ‘Kasuri Methi’


Kasuri Methi is the dry leaves of the fenugreek plant.

It is used as a condiment for flavouring and is a part of traditional cuisine in many parts of India.

It has a bitter taste and a strong aroma. It is also packed with health benefits.

Methi is said to be a natural cure for arthritis.

It is also known to reduce colic and relieve constipation. If consumed daily it helps with removal of waste from the body by cleansing the intestines. Kasuri methi is also an appetizer. Besides these benefits it is also known to cure certain conditions like piles, bronchitis and leprosy. It also provides relief from vomiting.

The dried leaves are rich in protein and can be compared to lentils based on their protein content.

Kasuri methi is also used as a seasoning for meats and in vegetable curries. It is usually added in small quantities and thus does not contribute much to the overall nutrition of the dish.


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